About Kristina

Kristina Androsenko is a world class ballroom dancer, dance coach, former USA National Team Member and was #6 in the world when she retired in. She is also the creative  mind behind The DanceFit Method, an all-around exercise program oriented toward ballroom dancing.

Kristina is an extraordinary dancer and her biography is quite compelling. She began dancing at the age of 5 and spent 7 years in The Russian Ballet Academy. At age 12, she began her ballroom dancing career and within just a few years had won The Spanish Open and was a finalist in the Russian and Austrian Opens. At age 20, she graduated from The  Russian State University of Sports and then immigrated to the United States on her own. Within 2 years, she was on the USA Natl SportDance Team where she has represented the United States at all major international competitions. She received a Silver Medal at the US National Championship in Professional Show Dance. Achieving a ranking of #2 in the US, she had the privilege of representing the United States at The World Championship where she finished Top 6 in the world.


For her outstanding achievements in dancing, Kristina has been nominated for the prestigious annual Ballroom Dance NTR Award for “Best Show Performance of the Year”. She has performed in over 70 countries and participated in numerous  music videos and TV projects. These include  So You Think You Can Dance (Top 20), and The Dancing Pros Tour featuring Dancing With The Stars.


DanceFit Method Story

 To keep herself in top athletic  and competitive condition while at the same time keeping her shape for the strenuous requirements of TV and Stage dancing, Kristina has been constantly studying and researching nutrition and various exercise systems. After completing her professional dancing career, she opened a Dance Training School in Brentwood, California. There she has coached hundreds of men and women, creating custom workouts and diets to assist them in achieving their exercise goals and the body they desire allowing them to face new challenges and improving their quality of life. She has now created The DanceFit Method, a revolutionary exercise and fitness program which is designed to deliver a “dancer’s body” to her many clients.


Currently: The DanceFit Method is a growing and ever-evolving dance fitness program which is available ONLINE through www.DanceFitMethod .com Online Studio. Kristina continues to develop many new routines to ensure that no client ever plateaus.